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Environmental Policy


The Firm’s Partners and Staff appreciate the need to conserve and consider our impact on the environment we live and work in. To that end we have formalised this policy document. It is intended to be a work in progress and we will continue to look for ways to limit our impact.

Actions taken to save paper, reducing the need to cut down trees and limit our impact on the environment are as follows, but not limited to:


1.                 We avoid printing documents wherever possible and have a fundamental policy of using E mails and electronic scanning.

2.                 Where paper is unavoidably used we ensure that it is ultimately shredded, on site, and the paper then re-cycled.

3.                 Packaging, envelopes and cardboard are taken for re-cycling by a Partner.

4.                 Cardboard wallet files are re-used.

5.                 Client files are kept electronically, which allows paper to be shredded and re-cycled.

6.                 We operate a “work from home rota”, allowing Partners and Staff to work from home to reduce travel and thereby emissions.

7.                 Replaced plastic cups with glasses to reduce plastic waste.

8.                 We turn off computers and electronic devices at night – to avoid wasting electricity.

9.                 Printer ink cartridges are returned to our office supplies to be re-used – to save plastic waste.

10.               We encourage walking / cycling to work where possible and almost 1/3 of the A2 staff members regularly walk to work.


The future

We have enquired of the Globe House landlord, Rochdale MBC, whether there are any plans to make the building and site as a whole more environmentally friendly, by installing roof mounted PV solar panels and installation of electric car charging points, to encourage the switch to Hybrid or Electric cars.

We welcome any suggestions from staff, clients and anyone else as to other actions that may help and that we could consider.

March 2022

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